Homeless doggydog!

Hey, if anyone wants a dog or knows someone who wants a dog, let me know. One of my neighbors picked up a probably-dumped doggiewoggie off 144, and are looking for a home for it as they already have two pit bulls. This dog isn't one, and is very friendly and timid. So let me know. ^_^

Oh man twelve days.

Am not throwing a b-day party, fyi. Too much hassle. Will simply hope that the mem card from Jenna with my new ff9 save will have arrived and I can spend the whole day playing ff9. :D

Speaking of FF9, I finally got the PSX set up and all, and realized that my save right at the very end of the fisking game? I hadn't finished the Stellazio. Also, when I went wandering through Alexandria, I hadn't found two items that were just lying on the ground. AM SO UPSET WITH MYSELF. :( Have no desire to see what else I didn't finish that I am unaware of.

OH. And I ran into the quiz guy again. With the last question. (Last? Tenth, anyway.) It was: "Fossil Roo is an underground tunnel that connects Lindblum and Alexandria; True or False?" [If'ns ya don't know, Gargant Roo connects those two cities. Fossil Roo connects two of the continents.] I CHOSE TRUE I'M SO STUPID KILL ME PLZ. ;_; (I'm totally in Fossil Roo in my new game, so I should have gotten that right. ;_;)

EDIT: Jenna, Sean and Melissa: You have packages in the mail. Not the foggiest clue when they'll arrive. :D AnnE: You have a letter in the mail. Should arrive soon. Er.. Treyan: Your letter will be in the mail soon.
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My to-do list from the 26th was far too ambitious. At this point I'm not even bothering to get something to eat. I want to just find the connections for the PS and plug it in and wait for my package from Sean to get here (I went to pick it up, and the guy told me they would probably try to deliver it again today. ARG). After that maybe I'll go to a UPS store and send some of my packages, but only if I'm feeling adventurous. Or bored. Or something.

Nap time!

Edit: On the plus side, I did go to the actual Roanoke, and I rather like it there. Out of the way, but right next to the highway. Also, friendly. Kinda reminds me of Melrose or a smaller Clovis. Only friendlier.
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To Do

Monday: work, crash, send packages?
Tuesday: laundry, get in touch with Amanda
Wednesday: clear floor, fill shelves

In case anyone needed to know. ^_^ The folks I have packages for are Jenna, Sean and AnnE. AnnE's I just need to get a couple stamps and toss in the mailbox, Jenna's and Sean's need to be repackaged and addressed and shit at UPS or something. But I work till five tomorrow, so it might not happen until Tuesday. Then I will send them priority. ^_^ Melissa's package I am not sending until she is back in the states.

And for some reason I didn't finish this post, just left it sitting here for a couple hours while I read stuff on my laptop. Weird. But I have to get up early tomorrow, so g'night.

wonderful realization


I will whine about teenagers legitimatly.

Might or might not throw a party. Probably not. ;P
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I just read Scott Kurtz's relation of how he fell on some ice and hurted himself. I did the same thing Thursday morning while I was doing some last-minute car loading. The whole driveway was a patch of ice, and I turned to fast and not carefully when going back inside, and fell on my ass. I was in a shitty mood then, so I didn't mention it earlier.

Everyone should tell falling-on-ice stories! :D